College may be over, but your social life shouldn't be.

Hang out with a group of 4 - 6 people each week. Rematch with your favorites.

Join thousands of New Yorkers who are already in on the fun.
  • Should I go to a Meetup?...

    Sigh, which one...

    Will it be awkward trying to talk to random people there...

    Maybe I'll hit up the person my friend just introduced me to...

    But what if they're not up for it?

    Why haven't they initiate a convo yet?

    Okay, it's fine. I'll start it...

    Um..what should we do? IDK what they like or their interests...

    When would be a good time?


    Save yourself time and effort.
    New York is an amazing city full of interesting people, but meeting them is not easy. You have to first find people who are open to meeting you, and then there's the tedious process of planning the hangout. With Greet, you just need to tell us when you're free, and we do the rest.
  • Make great conversations.
    You can break the ice and skip the small talk faster since we provide your group with everyone's names and bios beforehand. No more starting off conversations with "So...what do you do?" Our hangouts are hosted at more intimate venues like cafes and restaurants.
  • Rematch with your favorites.
    Ever want to hang out with someone again? You had to exchange contact info, pick a location and activity, initiate conversation...really, all this again? Greet prioritizes rematching you with the people you enjoyed hanging out with in your future hangouts. You can just focus on building familiarity and budding friendships!
  • How it works each week

  • Friday - MondayTell us when you're free this upcoming week.
  • TuesdayReceive your confirmed hangout details.
  • Wednesday - SundayEnjoy your hangout and tell us your favorites!