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New York is full of colorful characters who could be your future friends. Using Greet is the faster and easier way to find people who spark your interest, are open to meeting you, and want to hang out with you again! Just tell us when you're free.

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When you receive your hangout confirmation, you’ll see everyone’s names and their custom bios written by the Greet team. Use the bios to breeze through the small talk since they have fun nuggets of information about each member. We host hangouts at our partnered cafes and restaurants.

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At the end of each hangout, tell us who you enjoyed hanging out with. Greet will rematch you with your mutual favorites in future hangouts. So you can continue meeting new people while building friendships.

NYC Member Spotlight: 🏫🤖🎨If you ever watched Friends, you’ll remember this episode where the characters all turn 30… While they all turn out to be a chef, a professor, or an actor, Leandra has taken her talents to the next level before the Big 30. As the cofounder of an edtech startup, Leandra is part of the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 for her work in developing a coding curriculum for girls via social media videos. When she’s not working on her startup, she loves cobbling together robots, art-tech creations, and designs in ITP camps and figure-drawing classes.

“tried Meetups and other friend-making apps...they only give a damn about matching people online. incredibly refreshing that you care about our offline hangout experience :)"
Willie T., Product Manager at Dropbox

“Love what you’re doing :)”
Nisha G., Co-founder of Croissant

“was nervous at my first one, but I surprisingly enjoyed my hangouts more than expected.”
Matt M., Engineer at Compass

“thanks for doing this! nice to have something to look forward to every week”
Devon B., Anti-Money Laundering Sr. Consultant at Deloitte

“is your team worried that you have made it too easy to meet new people?”
George K., Award-winning designer

“lived here for more than two decades. I wish this existed long ago!!”
Irina K., Violinist at The Lion King and Wicked broadway shows

“love this. alternatives don't come close to what I just experienced. the level of care for the community and attention to details - keep at it team Greet”
Alex K., Community at WeWork

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