We're Jay and Soham. We met over four years ago at our first job out of college, and quickly realized that adulthood was missing something important...

In college, everyone was open to meeting new people, having stimulating conversation, and making friends often; but suddenly everyone graduated and it stopped. Once everyone started working, the urge to meet new people seemed to disappear.

Cities can be like college campuses; but have the power to be exponentially more fun, intellectually more stimulating, and adaptable to you and your needs. Our near-term vision is to bring the excitement of friend-making beyond just those four years.

We exist to create a friendlier world.

Here are some of our values and rules...

  • The first rule of Greet is:
    You do not talk about Greet.
    When you're in a hangout, it seems like a tragic waste of everyone's time to be meta about the whole experience. The second rule of Greet is...
  • We don't expect perfection,
    we expect authenticity.
    People are imperfect, and they come with scruffy edges. Within the scruff, is authenticity. We’re not frontin’, so just be yourself.
  • Be self-aware of your bubble.
    There are a lot of ideas and voices you’ll never hear because of where you’ve lived and what you are exposed to. Become privy to those conversations. Be interested in the people and subject outside your comfort zone, and expand your mind.
  • Change your surroundings,
    and let them change you.
    You’ve heard the saying “you’re only as great as the people you surround yourself with.”, and we get that it’s hard to meet new people, but our team is doing our best to make it dead simple, so you have 0 excuse not to try.
  • Be out there with all of us,
    JAY Tong Co-founder and CEO SOHAM Maniar Co-founder and Head of Community

    P.S. Be friendly! Reach us anytime at handwave@heygreet.com.