As humans, we are curiously and actively social. At Greet, being “social” means a whole lot more. It goes beyond clicking Like buttons and RSVP-ing to events, to also encompassing the greater belonging to the city and people you live among. With a focus on humanizing experiences and a trusted community of members, Greet is the easiest way for people to hang out with one another and build new friendships. We exist to create a friendlier world.

We don’t want to be locked between our job and binging Netflix/social feeds for days without actually hanging out with anyone in person. We want to know more people beyond the friends we went to school with and our coworkers.

We believe in giving a f*ck about your limited lifetime of social experiences. Our growing community of members has already accumulated 17,542,800 seconds to meeting new people and forming new lasting friendships. We believe in face-to-face hangouts, high fives, and new perspectives to positively shape each other’s lives.

Here are some of our values...

  • We don't expect perfection,
    we expect authenticity.
    People are imperfect, and they come with scruffy edges. Within the scruff, is authenticity. We’re not frontin’, so be generous about being yourself and letting others open up to you.
  • Be self-aware of your bubble.
    There are a lot of ideas and voices you’ll never hear because of where you’ve lived and what you are exposed to. Become open to those conversations. Be curious and engage with the people and subject outside your comfort zone.
  • Change your surroundings,
    and let them change you.
    We get that it’s hard to meet new people. Our team is doing our best to change that and make it dead simple, so you have zero excuses to not try and make it a habit for your own sake.
  • Be out there with all of us,
    Jay Tong Founder and CEO

    P.S. Be friendly! Reach us anytime at handwave@heygreet.com.