Greet was founded in 2017 as a weekly dinner with friends of friends. After a few weeks, simple math concluded that it’s impossible to host more than a lifetime of weekly dinners with everyone on the waitlist for one host, so it was expanded for everyone.

Greet is a local community that offers fun hangouts in the easiest way possible, including writing your bio, scheduling your hangouts with others, and managing the people you meet. We uniquely leverage design and technology to create the fun and trust behind our hangouts, to empower our members to have one fun activity in their week.

Greet has already served more than 20 million seconds of hangouts in New York City. Every hangout is unique, letting people experience the serendipity of a budding friendship, while exploring local venues and neighborhoods. All this brought together in an easy-to-use and beautifully designed email service.

Here are some of our values...

  • We don't expect perfection, we expect authenticity.
    People are imperfect, and they come with scruffy edges. Within the scruff, is authenticity. Be generous about being yourself and letting others open up to you.
  • Answer your curiosity, explore for yourself.
    There are a lot of ideas and voices you’ll never hear because of where you’ve lived and what you are exposed to. Become open to those conversations. Be curious and engage with the people and subject outside your comfort zone.
  • Zero excuses.
    Don’t let routine ask “does it matter?” and be complacent. Help keep yourself and our community, including our team, accountable.