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George K.  ·  Ace Member since Oct 2017  ·  32 attended hangouts


High Fives Received

Be engaged — earn High Fives from others for positively impacting your hangouts.


Cooldown Level

Be reliable — honor and show up to your confirmed hangouts.


Hangouts Attended

Be active — go to at least 10 hangouts.


Hangouts Reviewed

Be accountable — review hangouts to rematch with your favorites and reward High Fives.

With excellent effort comes excellent benefits.

Event invites
Access to exclusive events, hosted by the Greet team.

Hangout bonuses
Our Community team will surprise you with $xx credits to use at your next hangout.

Rematch priority
Coming Soon

With multiple rematches potentially happening, you will get priority.

Multiple hangouts
Coming Soon

Ability to join multiple hangouts a week and meet more friends.

Discounts on Moments
Coming Soon

Book discounted activities and events on Greet—from concerts and board games to classes.

Other benefits to-be-revealed when status is achieved.
High Fives
At the end of each hangout, let us know how your hangout went and reward your favorites with High Fives. Below are the different High Fives you may reward and receive.

Curiousers are extremely inquisitive about topics they're unfamiliar with, allowing them and others to actively seek the unknown.


Generousers embrace giving with an open heart without expecting anything in return. e.g. buying appetizers to share, referring discounts.


Leaders take initiative leading the conversation or suggesting an activity after the hangout location.

Community Builder

Members can only earn this from the Greet team for certain activities.

Cooldown System

A cooldown prevents a Greet member from selecting times for a hangout. If a member does not show up to a hangout or cancels on a hangout after the hangout confirmations have been sent out, they will be placed on the next cooldown level.