We love our members who are curious. Glad you're here with questions!
  • How much does this cost?
  • $0.00. It's free!
  • Is there an app?
  • No. Greet is currently an email-based service. We will build a mobile app to allow some aspects of the experience to be more convenient, but you will continue to be able to have the full Greet experience all through email.
  • Who's a part of this community?
  • Some of us have won a couple Emmy Awards, filmed the next Netflix hit, been listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, are performing in The Lion King and Wicked, are building billion dollar startups, are starting our own adventures.

    There's an immense breadth of awesome down-to-earth people in our community making the world interesting in our own way. It's a refreshing experience when we all end up more curious about the world and connect with others who are different, but not all that much different. Even that little dinosaur you will see occasionally.
  • What is that little dinosaur? And what is it doing here?
  • That's the Abominable Dino - the friendliest monster that helps run your profiles and time submissions across the web to our team, seeks new members' attention on our webpages, and occasionally munch on members who are late.
  • Who can join Greet?
  • Almost anyone can be a Greet member! While we would like to keep the Greet community open to the entire world, our Community team will use profiles to make sure incoming members are able to show their interesting aspects and answer our questions with thoughtfulness.
  • What happens each week?
  • Anytime before the start of next week, you can start selecting your available times.

    On Monday, we'll send a reminder email to make sure those times for the week still work for you and you may update any changes.

    On Tuesday night, we'll match everyone into a hangout and send out a confirmation email with the date and time of your hangout, the location, and tweet-sized bios of the members you'll meet. You'll also separately receive a calendar invite email so you can set your own reminders for yourself and see it on your calendar to avoid scheduling anything over that time.

    Go hangout at your confirmed time! Let us know after how it went and who are your favorites that you'd like to be rematched with in future hangout groups.

    Conclude the week by doing your happy dance. Once you've gotten it out of your system, select times for the next week!
  • Where do hangouts take place?
  • All of our hangouts take place at our partnered cafes and restaurants. You can have peace of mind that they're in a group setting in a public place and we've taken care of all the reservations.
  • Why Greet?
  • Other apps and services focus only on the online matching experience (i.e. swiping mechanics, RSVP to event, etc), but they leave the work to you and others to manage the entire offline experience.
  • Why do they not do this?
  • It actually takes a lot of work and their business model isn't aligned to making a great hangout experience, so they choose to not care about it.
  • How exactly is this easier and better?
  • Greet handles all the logistics of planning a hangout while also making sure members who go to hangouts geniunely care about meeting other awesome people.
  • Is this safe?
  • What makes all of our hangouts possible? Trust. Greet is thoughtfully designed with safety - both online and off - in mind.
    • We do not ever reveal your last name to other members (it's abbreviated).
    • Only your hangout group knows the hangout details and location.
    • Our hangouts are always in groups of 4-6, so you have safety in numbers.
    • Our hangouts start only at partnered cafes and restaurants.
    • We have a zero tolerance policy for being an asshole (auto-ban from the community).
  • How does the matching work?
  • It's already tough enough to find a common time and place to hangout, which is why we use time and location that you select as the baseline factors to match you with other members. At the end of each hangout, you can give us feedback and tell us who you enjoyed hanging out with. We'll use this to rematch you with your favorites in future hangout groups when possible to help you build friendships while you continue meeting new people.
  • Wait, is "matching" different from "rematching"?
  • No, they function the same way. Rematching refers to being in a new hangout group with your favorites from previous hangouts. Over time, you will start seeing more and more rematches happening.
  • Okay, but is there some kind of special algorithm-machine-learning-AI-thingy that's setting up the initial matches?
  • No. Some apps claim to use millions of data points, unsupervised machine learning, AI, natural language processing, backpropagation, structural risk minimization, and other technical magic to figure this out. But even if they've done so using data from your past and current friends, what factors would they know to predict who your "ideal" future friends are?

    That's why we entrust your judgement from your feedback and use that to dictate the rematches while still preserving serendipity to play its part.
  • Any advice to become an Ace member quickly?
  • Go consistently each week and be thoughtful about your role in your hangout group. You can read more about how to be an Ace Member.
  • I signed up but didn't get anything after.
  • Please check your spam inbox and unmark the message as spam. If you're using Gmail, check your Promotional tab and move us back to your primary inbox. You should've received an email from handwave@heygreet.com.
  • Is the referral link a guarantee that someone's profile will be accepted?
  • No, it is not, even though we trust that you have awesome friends who would love to join. Please see previous question and answer for why it is not a guarantee.
  • Is it coming to my city?
  • We 1000% want to. Tell us which city you're at here!
  • Who is the team behind this? Why are you working on Greet?
  • Read our story here.