Ace Member
Get recognized for being an outstanding member


Hangouts Attended

Ace member who consistently go to hangouts each week level up quickly and make more friends. They also develop their conversational skills & style through experience.


High Fives Received

After each hangout, members can High Five others who made a great hangout. These High Fives are used to access exclusive Greet events.


Cooldown Level

Ace members understand that cancelling on a confirmed hangout negatively impacts the experience for other members and send a bad impression to the community and our team.


Hangouts Reviewed

Ace members understand that reviews are an important part of the Greet community and experience. Rematches with favorites in future groups and High Fives rely on this.

Ace Member Benefits:
Access to Greet Community Events
Ability to join multiple hangouts a week
Additional benefits to-be-revealed...
Same High Five.
Now with new meanings.

Curiousers are extremely inquisitive about topics they're unfamiliar with, allowing them and others to actively seek the unknown.


Generousers embrace giving with an open heart without expecting anything in return. e.g. buying appetizers to share, referring discounts.


Leaders take initiative leading the conversation or suggesting an activity after the hangout location.

Community Builder

Members can only earn this from the Greet team for certain activities.

Cooldown System

A cooldown prevents a Greet member from selecting times for a hangout. If a member does not show up to a hangout or cancels on a hangout after the hangout confirmations have been sent out, they will be placed on the next cooldown level.